Estrella was born in Argentina in 1953, immigrated to Israel in 1974 and since then has been working with groups and individuals in creative techniques that combine movement, music, rhythm, touch and more.
Before opening the “Rio Abierto – Israel” Estrella learned the Elbaum method and worked as a therapist with Moshe Elbaum with elderly, neighborhood renewal projects and in schools.
Over the years, Estrella, specialized and trained in the field of guidance and group treatment with various methods among them arts, creativity and so on.
1984 was the year Estrella began to study the Rio Abierto in its’ origin in Argentina , in 1994 the Rio Abierto Israel was founded by Estrella, and she is the official representative of ‘Rio Abierto’ in Israel.

Since then and over the years Estrella established and developed the “Rio Abierto – flowing river” of Israel in the following areas:
• Guiding and training groups with self-empowerment and group-empowerment tools to the public.
• Guiding and training with personal touch therapies, healing through colors and bio-energy
• Guiding and training verbal groups combined group dynamics, personal training and creative tools: drama color, writing, meditation, guided imagery, movement etc.
• Every couple of years guiding in international conferences of Rio Abierto abroad.
• Workshops for organizations and institutions in the fields of education, health, culture and business sector. These are some of the institutions with whom she worked: Miha -Educating hearing impaired children, Social Security, Am”c Haifa, Maccabi Health, Beit-Berl College, Maof Colledge, workshops for managers of Bank Leumi, Orange, IDEA, seminars and conferences for organic, educational and clinical psychological, Tel Aviv municipality (project “Sunset Hour”) and more.
• The founder and director of “Rio Abierto school” for training of group leaders in motion, music, touch and sound using the Rio Abierto system operates in the Academic College Wingate.
• Founder and manage the volunteer program of Rio-Abierto school tutors. The program operates from 1996. The volume of volunteering going on for about 4,000 hours of instruction Rio Abierto given to institutions that contribute to the community by students as part of the studies.
• Conduct the professional team of instructors Rio Abierto. The team works across the country with men, women, elderly, children and youth. Multicultural ethnic groups: Arabs, Jews, Ethiopian, African, secular and religious. In the field of physical and mental health; shy children, youth and adults in rehab, mentally ill, suffering from cancer, head injuries, Down syndrome, autism hospitals, nursing homes ,. Adult community work with women, single mothers, post-traumatic stress disorder, battered women, youth at risk, pensioners, leaders of peace organizations, youth leadership, teams, and more.
• Creates workshop and courses for one session semester or yearly integrates in various organization and college.
• Professional supervision consultant.
• Conduct workshops around the world: Spain, Uruguay, Brazil and New York.
• Over the years Estrella creates in art with: color, clay, natural materials and combines this love in her professional work.