The RioAbierto-Nahal Zorem School

The  RioAbierto-Nahal Zorem School proposes diverse courses that help to develop our own creative expression, the communication, the well-being, the confidence, the optimism, the auto accomplishment, the creativity combines ways of creative and pacific communication.

The RioAbierto-Nahal Zorem Training Program is an invitation to a fuller life, to enjoying all the potentials of our being a rich experience of movement, music, voice, contact and meditation.

Rio Abierto is a comprehensive system of body/mind/spirit development, which originated in Argentina in the 60’s and is now practiced all over the world. Rio Abierto is dedicated to acknowledge and reveal the creative force and potential within ourselves as well as develop skills which we learn to utilize and expand in our lives.

Rio Abierto was introduced in Israel by Estrella.

Rio Abierto involves a wide range of activities: guided and free-style movement, flexibility improvement, humor and entertainment, yoga and breathing exercises, voice work, contact and various relaxation and meditation techniques.

The classes incorporate simple massages, dance end expressive movement, opportunity for self expression, relaxation, voice liberation and corrective body exercises; all done in a spirit of playfulness and effortlessness. Its dynamic, fun, and effectively supports self development’

The movement flows with diverse music: Modern, Israeli, Ethnic, Latin, World, Classic, etc.

The atmosphere in the sessions is warm, accepting, optimistic, supportive and nourishing.

Regular activity has a cumulative effect and helps develop new skills, broaden our perception and sense of reality, widen our awareness of ourselves and of the world around us.

One of the prime qualities of Rio Abierto is the feeling of “togetherness” our relatedness to others via non verbal contact between people.

In a circle the group energy is very tangible and often rises naturally with the movement flow.

Another important quality is “self discovery” through interactions with others in pairs or small groups. Here we have the opportunity to observe where we are blocked, whether we give in too easily, whether we are trustful or suspicious, whether we’re flexible or stubborn.

Join us in this very special way!